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 50 x 50 mm UNLIMITED SIZE*
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* please note we can supply a print of almost any size, please note widest we can print in one piece is 1470 mm, any orders wider then a max width print will be split into sections/tiles

OWV window film – One Way Vision – otherwise known as perforated film. It is a foil with holes arranged on the surface on the basis of a similar honeycomb so that on one side (from the outside) we have only visible graphics, and on the other hand unlimited visibility of the surroundings. This foil has found wide application in sticking to shop windows, car windows and public transport vehicles. Thanks to easy application it is also suitable for sticking large window spaces in living rooms or office buildings. Size of the perforated holes is 1.6 mm giving 40% of an open area.

We do not outsource any of the prints or signs, everything in our stock is made here in Great Britain by us. This makes us unique and any design can be customised to your needs. This also improves the speed in which we can deliver your sign as we don’t have to rely on other businesses.