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 50 x 50 mm UNLIMITED SIZE*
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* large posters will be supplied in sections with an overlap on each drop.

Billboard paper – blue back designed for short and medium-term outdoor exposures. Its inner surface (reverse) has a blue colour, which is a filter that prevents the previously glued layers of graphics from shining through. It is most often used in outdoor advertising. The paper has a water-resistant as well as UV-resistant surface. It is one of the cheapest advertising media. The relatively low price means that it is often used in periodic advertising campaigns, especially for sticking on billboards, where advertising graphics are often replaced.  A water resistant structure enables the media to be dipped for hours in glue and then rolled or folded

We do not outsource any of the prints or signs, everything in our stock is made here in Great Britain by us. This makes us unique and any design can be customised to your needs. This also improves the speed in which we can deliver your sign as we don’t have to rely on other businesses.