Here we will show you how to create your perfect vehicle sign writing and what to avoid and look out for.

Professional look

Tip: Keep your design proportions correct, avoid stretching your text or design. Think what you want to put on your vehicle and keep only to most important information, don’t make it too busy as too much text and people will look away from your vehicle.

Also remember if you make your logos big long it will all come down how well will you be able to handle such a large graphic. It will be good to keep in mind when you designing your signwriting is to do what you think you will be capable of applying to your vehicle.

Bad  Good
0001deformated-01 00002correct-01-01

Design stretched too much and not in proportion to a design

Correct size in proportion to a design.

Bad  Good
0004bad 0003correct

Too much text on a vehicle, looks too busy and distractive

Key information about the business eye catchy design


Areas to look out for.

There are many areas that you can place your stickers, but there are also few that you should try to avoid and stay away from. Because they are DIY kits you should understand that it is not always as easy as it look when watching a tutorial on the internet as those people work with this material every day and they know how it behaves. When you start working in reality it will become apparent that this is a little harder then it looked, but don’t get too scared as there are areas that tend to be quite easy where vehicle signwriting can be applied without too much trouble, skill and experience.

Bad vs Good

Red areas are to avoid.
Green areas are recommended

Golden rule is to keep your design on flat surfaces of the “panels”, we would recommend before starting to design online your signs is to physically take a look at your vehicle and do a simple sketch and to highlight any parts that have curves, bends, elements or you simple think will be difficult to get your vinyl in there. When it comes to designing online your signwriting you will have a sketch of all the areas to avoid and the rest will be straight forwards.

Areas recommended to stay away from:

  • Fenders.
  • Door locks and handles
  • Lights
  • Emblems
  • Any areas where the panel ends, has a sharp edge and curves.