Stickers and labels

Sticker is an especially effective material and has several supernatural properties. If custom sticker for example says “Brave patient” – it could dry the tears of youngsters and makes their faces seem a smile, and, as an example, simple sticker “L” – “Please do not horn , it could wake the instructor” – will make people laugh of their head and make people forgives those mistakes novice drivers do.

so decide what power your sticker could have.

How can your custom stickers look

They can be used for:

  • Promotional, Events, Business, Info
  • Occasional or for youngsters
  • Self-adhesive
  • Weather resistant
  • Made of white or clear / transparent foil

They can be:

  • Any shape
  • Various sizes and colours
  • Widely used: to stay on the glass, smooth panels, vehicles and many more

When we deliver your stickers?

We print five days every week, Monday to Friday, eight hours each day, therefore you can always count on us to have your custom sticker dispatched the same day. Our brave couriers smile at the thought that they’re going to be able to deliver the order to you at any address in the world.